Are you the CEO and you are looking for a way for your company to be more efficient, error free?
Are you running a business and you are fed up with routine tasks?
Do you work in a corporation and see areas that needs improvement? If yes, you are in good place.

Please see below selected examples of our automations from our portfolio:

Repetitive, manual, spreadsheet processes (Excel, VBA)
Having a template that you can use each day/week/month allows you to save time when compiling it. Weekly report that has the same structure and format each time when you open it.

  • Invoice creation + PDF creation + send by email
  • File with multiple columns and rows can be split into separate files in seconds
  • Hundreds of files sent to you can be merged into one file in seconds
  • Order creation + send for approval + sent to vendor by email
  • Stock & Inventory Management
  • Managing product information in online store, quick upload
  • Weekly/daily sales reporting and analysis
  • Data validation done by computer in seconds
  • Add new row in spreadsheet when new order is placed online (Magento, Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce)
  • Create new product in online store using spreadsheet only (Magento, Shopify, Wix)
  • Create Xero/QuickBooks invoices from online orders (Magento, WooCommerce /Shopify)
  • Generate invoices in Excel and send them to Stripe, payment details going back to Excel
  • Develop scenario-based templates/models simulating various activities
  • Develop planning models
  • On demand template/dashboard/applications; enquire >

Repetitive, manual, email processes , mass correspondence (Outlook, VBA, Zapier and more)
Your company does not use any CRM? Do you send the same email to multiple recipients individually and this takes too long? Not a problem. Template that can be modified to suit your needs, with easy interface, one click of a button can send out hundreds of email in one second. It can even attach file, grab a snapshot of the screen and add it to the body of email. The possibilities are endless.

  • One file with can be split into separate files and sent to each customer/vendor in seconds
  • Prepare personalized time sheets and send emails to multiple receipients and when they fill them out receive them all, save, merge all files and calculate wages in seconds
  • Invoice creation + PDF creation + send by email
  • One spreadsheet on shared drive (Dropbox, BOX, OneDrive, Google Drive, Share Point etc.), that is used by many team members, whenever someone adds a new record an email is sent
  • Order creation + send for approval + sent to vendor by email
  • Onboarding process; automatically fill out fields with personal information provided by new hire and create a contract in seconds
  • Onboarding process; automatically send pack of documents to new employee based on department in which she/he will be working
  • Prepare personalized offers and send emails in mass correspondence
  • When you receive hundreds of documents by email it can be sorted and saved on your computer based on criteria your set up

Dashboard & template building (Excel, R, HTML, mail)
Do you create new file each week to calculate the same thing over and over? We can build a template that once loaded with your data can give you results needed in seconds.

  • Weekly sales report compiled in Excel, one button is creating PDF document, another button is sending email with document to same 20 stakeholders each week
  • Weekly sales report compiled in Excel, one button is uploading it to your website in seconds, and multiple users can open it on the go
  • Order creation + send for approval to manager + sent to vendor by email in any format needed
  • Construction estimating and budgeting template (prices from vendors needs to be updated)
  • Shipment planning tool, that calculates what qty to ship, can also send list to warehuse for picking
  • Demand planning tool, that calculates what qty to order (based on inventory on hand, in transit to you and on the way out)

Scheduling tools
  • When you need report to be downloaded at particular time
  • When you need report to be uploaded at particular time
  • When you need to download data every 5 minutes

  • Processes, tasks, reporting (MS Windows environment, Excel, Python, PDF, email) e.g.:
    • Collection of data from competitor's website to check prices
    • Downloading file from web service protected with password and saving it on shared drive for whole teams to use
    • Saving new file on shared drive for whole teams to use and sending email to everyone that the file is available
    • Moving data between systems

    Sectors that we automated tasks in:
    • Logistics
    • HR
    • Accountancy
    • Finance
    • Healthcare
    • Aviation
    • Properties
    • E-commerce
    • Construction
    • Marketing
    See full list here

    The possibilities are endless. We are always looking for a challenge. Got a project in mind and you don't know where to start?
    We can help you.