Accounting Agency

  • Sector : Finance
  • Time saved : 24 hours/week
  • Money saved : € 28,200/annually

#Challenge Accepted

We have been asked to review existing processes and procedures within the organisation and propose improvement solutions.
Some of the issues were highlighted:

  • Processing incoming emails takes a long time.
  • Printing documents takes too much time & space and costs too much money.
  • #Our Approach

    Our aim was to reduce the time of processing invoices, and enhance its productivity.
    Also, to reduce cost of printing; paper, ink, printer service. Lean all the way.


  • Process of downloading emails and saving attachments was improved.
  • Automatic file save to OneDrive now takes seconds
  • Invoices not to be printed anymore and to be kept in digital form only.
  • Waste in form of unused software/licences was eliminated .
  • #Results

    The business was seeing a time save within a matter of days.

  • Average time to process incoming emails/invoices dropped by ~70%
  • Annual operating costs reduced by ~€ 10,000 (unused software, printing paper, ink)
  • 24 hours saved (between 7 staff members) * 52 weeks in a year = 1200 hours saved

  • Other benefits:
  • Employees are more satisfied
  • Employees are more knowledgeable and motivated
  • Quicker data processing & happier clients

  • Our solutions were implemented to meet higher volume of work when company scale. The beauty of automation is that there is no need to hire more employees as it works well no matter how small or big the workload is. Our solutions can meet increased demand in business in no time.