We understand opportunities and threats in business world and challenges to work smart and efficient.
We are here for you if you require an honest analysis of your business and its processes, if you need to improve processes
and change “busy” into “productive”.

  • Review of your business to define both, your company’s current status and future goal
  • Analysis of existing workflow, processes, and procedures to create and implement action plan focused on efficiency, productivity, and reduction of waste (resources, time, money etc.)
  • Process optimisation to make your business perform better and smarter
  • Implementation of Lean tools to eliminate waste in your company (resources, time, money etc.) and focus on small steps to continuous improvement (Kaizen)
  • Business and team coaching to identify competency needs and areas for improvement. Support with leader’s role, team’s efficiency, recruitment’s needs to increase engagement level and work-life balance
  • Data and process health check
  • Developement of scenario-based templates/models simulating various activities, Analyse flows using spaghetti diagrams
  • Data quality audits
  • Do you spend too much time on repetitive tasks? We can look into robotic automation to save you time and improve efficiency
    for you and your team. This also minimise error rate.
    We offer a completely bespoke service and tools tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business.

  • Repetitive, manual, spreadsheet processes
  • Repetitive, manual, email processes, mass correspondence
  • Dashboard & template building
  • Processes, tasks, reporting
  • Developement of scenario-based templates/models simulating various activities
  • Scheduling tools
  • We offer training, from webinars to classroom trainings for both, individuals and groups. We focus on workshops to demonstrate new skills, not just to talk about them; all participants have a chance to use new skills during workshops, this way, by implementation, they start building a new habit. Prior to the training session, we “interview” all participants and ask them questions to gather as much information as we can to tailor training to their needs: how they use computer, mouse or keyboard shortcuts, what they want to achieve, what is the biggest challenge for them, how to make their work easier etc. Then all training sessions are carefully prepared. And there is always homework to do:)

    • Productivity & efficiency training, focus on "smart and productive" not "hard and busy", and "less is more"
    • Lean office, Lean in services
    • Reduce waste and operational cost, increase productivity; paperless office
    • Change & challenge - how to manage yourself during transformation
    • Time management or managing yourself in time
    • Team building
    • Continuous improvement with small steps - Kaizen
    • Competency training*

    • Excel - handpicked and tailored to your needs topics to help you to understand Excel
    • Outlook - topics tailored to your needs to help you to be more productive during the day, to save energy
      & to gain more time for high-value work (& for extra coffee break)
    • Microsoft Office collection of tips & tricks, cheat sheets - handpicked and tailored to your needs
    • *cheat sheets available in PDF
    • How to make a use of software already available inhouse

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