Lemon Project Ireland - support for businesses in Ireland impacted by COVID-19.

LEMON PROJECT IRELAND is a creative collaboration of Your Everest Coaching and Shiny Solutions in order to support small & medium size businesses in Ireland impacted by COVID-19.

Have you ever heard of the conventional saying If somebody hands you a lemon, make a lemonade? Even when the circumstances are far from optimistic, or you struggle where you/your business are, there is a high probability that with the right support and a new view on the issue you would be able to find a solution. So the issue/problem is the lemon and the creative solution is the lemonade.

If somebody hands you a lemon, make a lemonade

LEMON PROJECT IRELAND will help you to make a lemonade. We will work with you to find and understand challenges you are facing, we will analyse them and create solutions that will be implemented in the plan to get you back on track.

The Covid-19 crisis is your lemon and with our support we can make a lemonade. FREE OF CHARGE we will help you to find a solution in difficult times, to find the inner strength to pull yourself up and get your business back on track. It is our response to changes caused by Covid-19 that influenced many, if not every aspect of business operation. Our focus is to help and support small and medium size businesses in Ireland (office and online based) to navigate the crisis by: ​ * business process optimisation, * reduction of operational costs, * automation of office and administration systems, * change management, * group and individual coaching to stay focused on what is important and beneficial for your business.

We offer - FREE OF CHARGE business consultation, change management & implementation for 3 businesses based in Ireland. We focus on a small and medium size businesses, ideally with up to 20 employees due to our capacity and because we feel these may need our help the most. Larger businesses will be considered on a case by case basis. ​ We will work with you free of charge for a period of 6 weeks and help you to reduce overall cost of operation (time is money as well) and increase productivity and/or sales. We can also help Start-up companies to work on a plan to establish a business or help individuals in switching career by offering 2 FREE Career Coaching sessions.

Ewa Adams - Business Consultant

Ewa is a certified coach & business specialist with 15 years of international experience (Europe, Asia, Africa) in various sectors (construction & engineering, IT, healthcare, aviation, recruitment/HR). Her life's motto is “It always seems impossible until it is done”.